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I just want to say that I found this blog by accident. I have been dealing with stones for 13 years. Several stents lithotripsy you name it not to mention excruciating pain . I had a stone on Thursday trying to pass found this blog took the olive oil acv and lemon juice Friday, followed with just ax and lemon juice twice on Saturday and passed my stone Saturday night. It was a pretty big size to. Not sure if it was just coincidental or that concoction worked but I will be following up with maintenance shots of this to try and avoid future stones. Thank you all for the advice.

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Need to know

What was your follow up of ? AX and lemon juice. Was it suppose to say ACV and lemon juice ? I tried the 2,2,2 oz. of ACV, Lemon juice and olive oil, but it made me sick. I hate olive oil. I would rather just drink the Apple cider vinegar & Lemon juice straight. Do you think if the stone is already in the bladder it will still break up ? The CAT scan showed an 8.6 mm stone.


ACV is apple cider vinegar

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