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I've had terrible teeth for a while, so I've learned quite a few tips and tricks, so I'm just going to list them all for you.

• Vicodin for pain, ibuprofen for swelling. I took half a Vicodin and 2 ibuprofen and it worked like a charm.

• OTC Temporary filling, costs under $5 and lasts forever. I use when I have a cavity is getting too close to the nerve and I need something to block it from the air.

• Swish salt water over bad tooth

• Lay the side of your face that has the hurting tooth on a heating pad

• This ones a little weird, not sure how I discovered it, but prop your head up on your hand but instead of having your hand near your jaw, place the heel of your hand on the ear on the side that's hurting and lean your head on it to apply pressure. I'm not sure if I described this well, but for some reason doing this takes my pain from a 7-9 to a very dull throbbing pain, which I'd take any day over a 7-9.

• This sounds counteractive but, swishing soda over the tooth always makes the pain stop almost immediately.

• Cold or warm water, sometimes one works and the other doesn't.

• And my last one is just taking extra care of the tooth until you can get yourself in to the dentist!

I feel your pain and I hope some of these help!

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