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AC Be Gone

Angular Cheilitis can pop up when you are deficient in folate and b12. If you take folate and b12 supplements and it still won't go away - you may have a problem with absorbing those nutrients. A simple blood test can confirm that. But in the meantime - to alleviate the pain and cracking and peeling - get some diaper rash cream high in zinc. It really is a miracle. Just go to your local drugstore. If it's safe enough for babies' butts it's okay for your face! Apply liberally at night - it does leave a white residue. This was advice from my Naturopath and it was a godsend.

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I did this method and it worked! The pain was gone in the morning and it seems to be healing. I used peneton for two nights now and theres still a bit or red but it looks like its going away!!

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