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i submitted this in the pain catigory about a week ago and feel it deserves a mention here as well since its worked flawlessly for me, Kratom also known as Mitragyna speciosa its an herb you can buy it online for like anywear from 8 to 20 bucks for an oz its amazing like i swear it works just like vicodin or oxycodone i took it and like a half an hr latter im cramp free and have energy i take it with sugar and lemon the lemon helps bring out the properties and the sugar just makes the powder go down easyer also when you get it also get some Kava Kava its a natural mussle relaxant and high doses acts kind of like valium and all this stuff is totaly natural the only side effect with the kratom ive gotten is constipation so might wanna get some senna tabs just in case plus its good to have a stash on hand durring that time of the month. any way happy bleeding:)

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