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The most effective remedy is garlic for teeth or gum pain.

Before you try it, make sure your tummy is full because if you have a fragile stomach, its gonna burn down there. So, make sure you drink some milk at least.

You need, 1 garlic clove, peeled. take a bite of it and mind you, it will burn but don't let that put you off. take small little bites, so the garlic juices is in your pain area. do it gradually. for me, only 1/2 the clove did it. Just distract yourself with something else and you will ignore the pain. when you finish, wait a while before you rinse your mouth, coz the garlic is still doing its job. You will notice that your pain is gone, so brush your teeth and rinse with warm salt water. Your breath will stink obviously but trust me, garlic is the fastest remedy. don't make a paste to apply because the moment it will touch your pain area, it will BURN LIKE HELL! it also reduces any swelling you might have pretty fast.

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