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My grandmother's home remedy for teeth whitening is as follows:

mix on small plate the following
1 tsp baking soda
dash of salt
then add a few drops of white vinegar, which will foam.

Then brush with toothpaste afterwards.

It works great! I've used this for last forty years.

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While I was in the military, I met a man in GA that was in his 70's and still had all of his teeth. I asked him what his secret was. He told me that and old dentist told him when he was young to brush his teeth with a solution of 50% baking soda and 50% salt. Mix the contents together in a container and get them out by dabbing a wet tooth brush in solution.

The man had no reason to lie to me. So I can vouch for this solutions safety on the teeth. Now, his teeth were cleen but not pearly white, so I cant speak to the long term whitening effects.

From my own experience, the abrasive nature of the mixure seems to have the greatest effect on whitening my teeth. However, I don't use it enough to know the long term whitening effect.


does it work for braces?? and does age matter like if ur under 16?


WOW, what kind of concoction is this? My cup exploded and it melted my toothbrush. Is this Chemistry 101?


penisgone wrote: i did this and my penis fell off...
What he did next was amazing, he picked up his penis and brushed his teeth with it and the mixture. Now his teeth are sparkling white....


This was one of the ways people used to clean their teeth before tooth paste was invented. As with anything, if you do it too much it will damage your enamel but I've been doing this all my life (I'm 50 now) about two times per week and I have no cavities. I smoked for 22 years, drink coffee, soda, tea, etc. My teeth are clean and bright. I also mix 1/2 mouth wash with 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and rinse also a couple of times per week.


i dont see harmful ingredients used in the home remedy provided here.
some people are cheap. thats why they talk cheap. i wonder what are these perverts doing here. anyways. using ones common sense is the best thing to do...


Hey, Penis-fell-off guy: you must not have used enough baking soda; I used a whole box and I've now got a wicked package!

use your brain!

wow i got to say some of the people that comment on here are really mature..
grow up and get a life and stop acting so dumb! this wont turn your teeth green, black or make body parts fall off.. okay? and anyone in there right mind or anyone with the slightest amount of common sense would know this..
the most it will do is for some people not work at all or eventually ware the enamel off your teeth. there are ingredients and measurments which are in the instructions,all you do is mix it and rub or brush with it and not with toothpaste she said brush with toothpaste AFTER! and use it a couple times a day dont over use it!
oh and if you knew that baking soda is used in almost all toothpastes and a tsp is not that much to at all damage your teeth, a dash of salt will in no possible way damage your teeth, and vinegar will not damage teeth either.
k thanks!


I've gotta say I had a good laugh reading most of these comments. Some people can turn almost anything into a joke.


Some funny comments here. :)

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