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My grandmother's home remedy for teeth whitening is as follows:

mix on small plate the following
1 tsp baking soda
dash of salt
then add a few drops of white vinegar, which will foam.

Then brush with toothpaste afterwards.

It works great! I've used this for last forty years.

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I just tried this for the first time, and it seems to work pretty well. I drink a lot of tea and lately I've noticed my teeth are staining. It looks like my teeth are whiter now and they feel cleaner. I'll only use this method occassionally but it seems to be a cheap and easy way to get quick, but not drastic, results.


I've been using baking soda with my toothpaste for the past 2 years. I've been using it twice a day. It does help, although they won't get as white as you would have with veneers or professional whitening. I don't know if I'm damaging the enamel on my teeth. I'll have to limit the baking soda. I've stop going to my dentist who ripped me off. He claimed I needed a filling here, a filling there and in the process, I ended up with him drilling out more than was necessary. The result? I had all these mercury fillings on the sides of my teeth that looked grey to dark grey and ugly. I initially wanted porcellin fillings but he told me he had to drill out too much cavity which left my teeth thin and too weak to support porcellin fillings. Then he recommended that I needed crowns for all these teeth, which cost $1000 a piece. The hygienist, whom my dentist told me is a good friend of his, was hammering on two of my filled teeth. That night, those 2 teeth chipped off. I know he deliberately did this to me to make money off of me. Dirty, greedy, amalgamating money sucking dentists I can do without.


just going 2 try it hope it works..!!


I don't know how safe it is but I did it and it worked very well! I smoke, and drink alot of tea and coffee so maybe it only works well on surface stains, not build-up.


i did this and my penis fell off...


I just tryed this and so far, nothing.
I don't know how long to wait for the results though,
Maybe its for really bad stains?
I can never find the perfect whitening product and I dont want to spend thousands on laser whitening

i'll check back later to see if this actually worked!

How many times do I do this a day?
Baking Soda may be bad for the teeth, but you'll be fine


I tried this and noticed that after I used it twice my teeth were definelty whiter. After you use it once you see results but they aren't as noticible as after the second time.


I tried this once and my teeth look and feel whiter. No pain whatsoever. No green/black color or genitals falling off, either. I plan to try this for a week to see just how great it really works.

this is bullshit

what about people with braces?
do we brush our teeth with this?
is it toxic?

you have got to answer these questions with the directions or no one is going to try your stupid whitening remedy


I'm inclined to comment (for the overpaid and pessimistic dental hygenists out there) that baking soda was integrated into O.T.C pastes for bruhing years ago. Yes the content is regulated and likely by the FDA. Regardless, it is accepted by the same affiliation whose concern is the general public. Tell me, how many dentists would EVER promote a home remedy? The answer is few and they're likely the meek and good hearted ones who aren't out for several insurance claims to pay for their second yacht. The truth of the matter is that baking soda IS an abrasive, and caution should be exercised is using it as polish in a home remedy, as much so as it's concentration is regulated in OTC toothpastes. You shouldn't scrub your teeth with it hard enough to rip the enamel off, because it will. Cider vinegar improves the calcium metabolism of the body. This only scratches the surface of the benefits of vinegar to the body though. These benefits include the removal of everyday fatigue that some of us (who intake insufficient vinegar volumes) contend with daily. Vinegar, contrary to some opinions has no ill effects on the body. Calcium is certainly one of the main components of bones and teeth and it must be acidified entirely in the stomach before its absorption, and can only be absorbed through the duodenum and the upper small intestine before it loses its acidity. Vinegar helps to acidify calcium in the stomach to help this process along. This is suggesting consumption however, and we're discussing brushing and teeth whitening. Vinegars main component is acetic acid, a stain remover when applied to teeth as well as to the bumper on a classic coupe deville. Yes vinegar has so many uses it's had several LARGE books dedicated to its uses and practicality in everyday life. You need to ignore comments from the ivy league peanut gallery of dentists who care about money and their own healthy teeth. Notice I said Money first and teeth second. I believe this is pretty close to the truth. Let's face it, if you're searching for teeth whitening tips you can try at home you're likely not in the same state of mind on the matter (ever!) as a dentist with great teeth. So keep you're teeth clean, stay away from excessive sweets (cavity avoidance) quit the excessive smoking/wine/coffee, and other teeth stainers, brush regularly and use this mild solution as well- baking soda, apple vinegar, and a dash of salt (salt has an antiseptic effect, that
effect isn't on teeth, it's on the oral cavity. Because of this, warm
saline rinses are prescribed to patients after extractions.
Sodium chloride does not have any particular effect on teeth, but a very
high concentration may cause a little attrition (wear) when accompanied by strong brushing.) So now you know and if you're smart you won't take my advice either. If you realy want the truth research the matter yourself.

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