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My grandmother's home remedy for teeth whitening is as follows:

mix on small plate the following
1 tsp baking soda
dash of salt
then add a few drops of white vinegar, which will foam.

Then brush with toothpaste afterwards.

It works great! I've used this for last forty years.

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I'm gonna try this


hi. i just tried it. i will admit my teeth feel cleaner but my gums are burning. but i smoke and drink alot of coffee and this is the cleanest they have felt in a while. i will do it for some days and check back if i see a difference in whiteness. i think i may have used too much salt.


Why dont you add little bit of bleach so you can destroy your teeth faster not to mention gums


also good for cleaning the drains in your house


this works great it helped me loss my back molor that was hurting me for ages..
thx but it didnt help my teeth getting white.


I dont think that using all those ingredients is very safe or effective! Baking Soda is VERY abrasive and damaging to the enamel..while trying to 'whiten' your teeth, you will degrade your enamel, resulting in sensitive teeth, as a result, you will end up spending more money trying to overcome the sensitivity and weakened suggestion is that you purchase an over the counter 'whitener' or go to a dental office! both have the same effect, only difference is the method, amount of time, and PRicE! hope this helps cmoing from a dental hygienist:)


works well!

slipery pete

I used it for three days and my teeth turn greennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


I think I'll at least try it. If Baking Soda is sooo abrasive then why do they use it to make tooth paste????


never thought to add salt or vinegar but i use to use baking soda once every couple of months and never had a problem and teeth were very white...went off the rails for awhile but will commence again!

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