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Sone of the things people are trying out of desperation are alarming. Please don't use anything with chemicals down there. It's a very delicate part of the body. No Lysol, no nail polish (WTF?). Not only are these chemicals really REALLY bad for you, but you're apply them to one of the most sensitive parts of the body. BAD IDEA.

Don't risk making your outbreaks worse. Only try remedies that are all natural, or consult your doctor for medical advice.

A therapeutic grade of lemon balm essential oil (aka Melissa oil) can help outbreaks clear up faster. It's expensive, but a small 5ml bottle from 'Native American Nutritionals' will last a long time. They have one blended with fractionated coconut oil that is affordable. This is a 'hot' oil that should always be diluted and not applied 'neat' or full strength.

The best way to heal quickly is to stay clean and dry and try to avoid touching or scratching. I know it's hard! Baking soda is drying, yes, but may irritate sensitive skin. Try corn starch or arrowroot powder instead. Witch hazel without alcohol in it can be soothing, or pure aloe gel. You can keep either of those in the fridge for some extra relief using a cold compress of aloe or witch hazel.

I have not tried this, but black tea bags are rumored to work. That's a natural remedy for sunburns as well, so worth a try. Steep black tea bags in hot water and allow to cool completely before applying to the aft area.

Eat healthy and drink lots of water. Water will dilute the acid in your urine, which can irritate an outbreak. If it's painful to pee, pour lukewarm water over your genitals as you pee. Try to clean and dry the area after you use the restroom. If you aren't at home, you can carry some witch hazel wipes with you.

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Dude, they said lysine not lysol. Whole different thing.


Dude, there is a post by a female from year or so ago.. she does use Lysol !!!!

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