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better now

My right ear was clogged ..went to ENT ..tried antibiotics, steroids,ear drops, vinegar and alcohol..peroxide....5 differebnt times to ENT didn't ENT did a procedure.. using terpintine and some kind of powder with medicine ...and I took sudafed.. .cleared ..but, then my left ear became clogged ..went back ..did terpintine and powder .and started to clear then it clogged I decided to take tylenol severe sinus tablets ...I put a warm water bottle, put Vicks mentholatom...outside of ear ...after the third day of this and taking tylenol severe sinus my ear started draining clear liq....I did the finger massage to my ear ...made like a suction which made my ear drain even more ...slept on my side effected ear so it could keep draining ears are fine know ...this may be of help ...this happened after I had a upper respiratory infection

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