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Follow these steps! Trust me!

1) Shower at night and clean the area well.
2) Dry the area extremely well.
3) Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and using a hand mirror place it exactly on the warts on the anus. (Put on a tight pair of underwear to help keep it in place)
4) Leave it in for a minimum of 2 hours. Overnight if tolerated. If too sensitive to leave overnight, soak the cotton ball in water first and ring it out, then soak in apple cider vinegar to dilute the vinegar.
5) In the morning shower and dry the area well.
6) Do this for 2 nights total. Then let the area rest for 2 days.
7) Check the progress after the 2 day break. If they are getting smaller DO NOT continue the ACV. Just keep the area very clean and dry.

The last step is the most important i feel like. Get on a VERY HIGH QUALITY probiotic. Probiotics have been proven to improve the health of the GI tract FIRST! Then your overall health second.

Lastly let go of the junk (soda, greasy processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, red meat)

This has worked tremendously well for me! Mine were very stubborn and this worked.

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so just put the ACV just in 2 night and than 2 day off?

if the wart srink just keep the area dry?
not get another ACV application if the wart shrink?

thanks for your answer


Thunja works well.

Warm bath with oatmeal helps with itching.

Try Newton's Warts homopathetic. You have to be very consistent.

Apple cider vinegar.

Boost immune system.

Some people say duct tape works if you are very consistent.

Stop smoking & drinking.

Drink green smoothies and eat plenty of raw fruits & veggies.

Always use condoms!

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