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So I was having extreme almost unbearable pain from an exposed nerve in my back molar. I tried every home remedy I could find but what I found to work the best, if only to relieve the pain momentarily, was the oral anesthetic spray you use for sore throats. Seriously, after I sprayed the area that was bothering me I got instant relief! I hope this helps. It sure helped me.

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My husband was on his knees in pain and sprayed it in his mouth and spit out the spray and stood up and said that u r a F _ING Genius


I tried everything short of washing my mouth out with buckshot to ease the pain coming from the exposed nerve in my tooth. The liquar and morpheme tabs didn't touch the pain. After reading your submission I used Cloraseptic sore throat spray and to my surprise it worked. You prevented my suicide. Thank You



Thank you!

maxine g

also gargle with purell hand sanitizer,,relieve the pain instantly


Honestly there are a few diff things that's ease the pain but there's only one thing that will have back the way u was before the pain without having it pulled. That is Clove oil!!! If it's a nerve u wanna stop from throbbing or causing pain try it and TURN BACK UP!!!


Thank you

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