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So I was having extreme almost unbearable pain from an exposed nerve in my back molar. I tried every home remedy I could find but what I found to work the best, if only to relieve the pain momentarily, was the oral anesthetic spray you use for sore throats. Seriously, after I sprayed the area that was bothering me I got instant relief! I hope this helps. It sure helped me.

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What brand of spray and type ? Please I have the same problem and so far jacks@#t works i have tried eveverything and to be honest the only thing that works but very slowly is brushing my teeth and then waiting for the pain to stop. Basically my nerve doesn't ras up unless I eat and regardless of what I eat it triggers pain in my tooth like you wouldn't believe. And its not a build up of pain its an from perfectly fine to in the most amount of pain you could think of. Thanks hope to here back


Whoever u are your smart af thank u so much that shit really helped i about really lose my damn mind


Thank you so much. I'm pregnant and my dentist just had surgery and won't be back till January. I feel so much better.


This was so amazing I want to cry!!! Thanks so much :D


This definitely worked for my husband!!!


Just tried this. Def lessened the pain. Thank god.


Tried it and so far the pain is mostly gone. Thank you!


I want to thank you for sharing your remedy about the oral spray anesthetic I used it and I had Instant relief!!!!!!! Praise God! My back molar was in so much pain. I also read that placing a cool wet teabag on affected tooth helps and that did also work for me along with ibuprofen.. Thank you so much!


OMG This totally worked. It tastes nasty as can be, but it did help!~


did not work for me

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