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No drinks before bedtime. Espicially no beer, ( for the people who do still Wet the bed) Try not to let them get up for a drink and make sure they go to the crapper before bed. If all else fails. Get plastic bedspread and sheets

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OK I'll try not to give the kids beer before bedtime. Moron


I'll try not to give my kids beer before bedtime.....that is the funniest thing i've read all day.....thanks....and yes,very moronic tip.


oh dam! So that's what ive been doing wrong all this time! Dumbass


like we give kids beer...dumbass. and can you think of some other word besides crapper? get a life!


wow what university did you graduate from???


This is by far the worst tip I am yet to see on this site. What kind of person knowingly puts something like that for advice for children. Obviously someone who has had one to many beers himself to close to bedtime.


The only morons I see are the 6 of YOU. 3 out of 10 adults have over-active bladders. He was referring to THOSE people, MORONS!!!


I'm 34 yrs old and still sometimes have an 'accident'. To the 6 morons the advise actually is for adults. Pity you didn't realise that. BTW I did not see an age group attached for these remedies, your assumptions really makes you idiotic!!!


Wow, definitely advice for adults. The poster even stated 'for those of you who still wet the bed'. I am a 20 year old female and still wet the bed on and off. Not just that but I have really bad bladder control problems during the day as well. So it isn't just a deep sleep issue.


Ok so if you back all the way out of this page and re-enter this page you have to selsct the childrens tab to get to bed wetting hence forth why all the concerned parents offering advice. you advice although crude is useful and just simply needs to be in the correct category. why dont you try the adult men category they need some more advise columns.

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