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Hi guys. I have 3 skin tags around my anus too. One is big and the other two are small. I've been reading all your suggestions but I'm not confident in tying my own skin tag not to mention the pain that most of you have experienced. I'm really coward when it comes to this. I've been planning to go to a doctor but I'm really shy. Most of the doctors who know how to remove anal skin tags are male! Huhu.. What should I do? I may not have a partner because of this :'(((((

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How is your skin tag now?


I've seen two different Doctors about my skin tag- on my anus. And both of them said the exact same thing. 'It's not doing anything to harm you' so basically they won't do anything.


maybe you try h skin tag its a natural it is ok to apply for sensitive areas.


I have one big one and 2 small ones too. I'm trying tea tree oil but I see a lot of comments that it doesn't work or it's dangerous to put around the anus. I just recently started it so I hope it works.


any updates?

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