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I tried everything from garlic to apple cider vinegar and nothing as working on my very painful hemorrhoids. I was very hopeful with the ingredients that included garlic, but even though it was working for others it did not touch mine. I had no insurance and no money for a doctor. I was in very bad shape,desperate and in pain. FINNALLY....I found what worked for me. It may burn at first, but if nothing else is working, try this. It will. Take a small cup (I used a McDonalds ketchup container with a lid so it would not evaporate), Mix 1/2 Preparation H to 1/2 witch hazel in the small cup. I used a broken-in-half Q Tip. Place a dab on a cotton round, place it firmly on the hemorrhoids, and go about your business. Mine was so bad that it took 2 days to go away, but the relief was bliss. A little word to the wise....If they seem to act up a small bit APPLY THEN!! Don't wait.

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