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Im posting this at 3:45 AM because I woke up to my abcses draining itself after I had applied Epsom salt with some peroxide mixed together to make a paste and applied directly to abcses at night before bed which was at around 9 PM.I covered it with gauze went to sleep and woke up a few hours later to go use the bathroom. Well low and behold...I noticed it was draining and didn't have that much pain anymore! YAY!!! Seriously I was miserable and in sooo much pain before going to bed I considered going to hospital but decided to try a home remedy and voĆ­'la it worked like a charm 😀 Im such a happy girl right now.

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Can you advise if the boil already had a head on it? I have a horrible boil/abscess in my ass crack. It hurts so bad but there is no head appearing yet. I just tried Tea Tree oil and ot freaking leaked through my jeans and m,y leather chair at work has an oil spot whenever I get up. I don't even care at this point but hoping this thing goes away. It has came back in the same spot for the 3rd time now. The other 2 times I just popped it like a pimple (hurt so bad!). So Im hoping this oily butthole will heal up soo. I don't go to the doctor but may just have to bite the bullet on this one and go. Thanks.


Did you use peroxide like for hair? x


Hello I went to the hospital yesterday and they just gave me some antibiotics But I just went to get some of the ingredients Such as the peroxide epson salt and baking soda As soon as I place it on my boil it released a lil bit of pain so hopefully it works for me like it did for u thanks for the advice

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