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Just tried the garlic and vapor rub remedy. I have been in sever pain for days! I have tried apple cider vineagar, preparation H, tucks pads, heat and ice and nothing was working. Then I read about the garlic and vick's remedy on this site and decided to give it a try. I took a spoon full of minced garlic crushed it with a spoon the best i could and then added a spoon full of Vick's. I then took a cotton swab and coated it in the solution. I took the cotton ball and rubbed the solution on the affected area then place the cotton ball right on the Hemorrhoid and allowed it to stay for 20 min. The relief started almost instantly. There was absolutely no pain from the garlic and Vick's. Now just an hour later the Hemorrhoid has shrunk over 50% and my level of discomfort has decreased significantly. Thanks everyone for posting this remedy!

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Omg,I hope this works!


I also tried the minced garlic and vicks. Unbelievably in less than 30 minutes the hemorrhoid was less than half the original size and relief is incredible. Thanks for the information.

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