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Some simple advice :

1) Sleep with bed elevated towards the side of head. This is because once I experience when I was sitting upright, there was no tooth ache. After I slept, the ear, tooth and jaw started paining. I believe this is because the blood flows more when you are sleeping. I guess this increases blood pressure on the sensitive veins in tooth, and causes ache. I cut the pizza carton and put eight folds of carton under 2 legs under my head. And it worked well.

2) Clove works well. Clove oil even better because it reaches inside the tooth cavities easily. Otherwise, 1 or 2 cloves between the upper and lower teeth.

3) Keep the teeth clean, use mouthwash meant for sensitive teeth.

4) Keep your room warm in winter. My toothache started when the climate in Italy started to get cold. Also try wearing muffler/scarf around your neck , ear and jaws in winter.

I read the remedies here and they really helped. However, sometimes for the same kind of pain, a remedy works, other does not.

Example : One night, I used mouthwash, slept on elevated bed (towards head) and it did not pain. The next night, did the same but the pain remained.

So, I would suggest do not rely just on one remedy, but do a combination, so if one fails, another will work.

have fun...

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