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I had been in excruciating, agonizing pain for over 2 hrs tonight to the point that I wanted to pull my hair out or literally chop my head off and the Anbesol liquid that I usually put on my tooth when it hurts wasn't working. I googled home remedies and found this site. After reading, I tried what I had at home ( being that it was 4am when I got up after reading the remedies, I wasn't going to town at this time) I tried every one of them I could. I made a paste from salt, pepper, & garlic powder with a drop or 2 of water and put it on my tooth for a few mins. Then I rinsed with hot salt water & repeated it. Then, I cut an onion and chewed a piece of it on my good side of my mouth then held the onion on the affected tooth for a few mins, then, I took minced garlic and spread around my tooth and gum for a few mins. Then, I sprayed my tooth and gum with Cloraseptic spray & put a cough drop in my mouth on the hurting side. I also took two 600mg Ibuprofen. I'm still hurting some but my pain level definitely went from a 10 to abt a 2 in abt 15 mins. I usually don't really believe in this home remedy stuff and never try it but I HAD to. I was hurting too bad. I'm glad I did! I hope this helps someone!!

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