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I have to reaffirm what a few posters have posted so far: the Tagamet and dessicated liver tablets REALLY do work. Holy crap. I've been struggling with these damn things for ten years. Was only one on each foot until we moved into our house two years ago with a tub that doesn't drain fast and suddenly I had about twenty of these painful things. I just tried to ignore them, they were so gross and embarrassing. When I got the first one, I went to the walk-in and had the doctor freeze it off. The pain from that device was so bad when he held it to my foot. I thought he was never going to stop pressing it against my foot, he removed it right before I was about to unleash a blood curdling scream. The wart never went away and later spread to my other foot. Needless to say, I never wanted to go through that again. Which brings me to the present. So I had about twenty of these things, including a giant mosaic on my heel, tons on the balls of my feet, and all over my toes. I read about Tagamet and dessicated liver tablets, so I ordered both on Amazon. Came to $25 for both. It's day 4 and they are already melting and drying away/up. It's really miraculous. So for anyone fed up with trying so many remedies, try this first and save your time.

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Chad, I am in your shoes (pardon the pun)! What brands and dosages did you take? I need to order ASAP! Thanks a million for your post. Hope this works for me too!


Yeah definitely would like to know dose. I had surgery on both my feet earlier this year to get rid of them. 6 months later and there right back on the one foot again. I don't want to lose 2 months to recovery again.


do you take the pils by mounth or crush them up and make a paste to put on wart.


Why the Tagamet? Because it is a potent cytochrome p-450 inhibitor? Or would any H2 antagonist work?

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