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i am a doctor and i have drained alot of abscesses and i know how painful it can be. a week ago i got an abscess in my perianal region. i treated it with some icthamol and antibiotic ointment but it just grew bigger. i know i had to go to the ER to get it drained. And from where its located i knew i probably needed an spinal anaesthia. i was too scared and embarresed to go. so i decided to go with some natural remedies. twice a day i had a warm bath with an antiseptic solution like Dettol. i let it soak for 15 mins. a relative recommeded fenugreek. you get the fenugreek seeds grind it to make a powder, mix it with some water to form a paste. apply it to the abscess over overnight. i made the paste and covered it with gauze and used a panty liner to stick it. the next day the abscess reduced significantly it was a size of a lime. some pus drained. i continued with the remedy. it was like a miracle.
hope this helps

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Great advice. Just out of curiosity, which medical school did you graduate from with spelling and grammar like that?


bahahaha right!!!

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