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I had about five really big and other smaller ones on my posterior labial commissure and they itched and bothered me a lot when I went to the doctor he put an acid to remove them but it did not really work he recommended cryotherapy but I was too embarrassed to go so I serched on line and found that applying garlic would do te job.
I minced enough garlic to cover every wart making them moist with the garlic juices and put it straight on the warts everyday, I was suppose to leave it for ten minutes everyday but I could not bare the pain I could only hold five minutes Maximum. This burned my skin so I let it heal then I noticed they mimnimized so I waited until my skin was completely healed so I can put it on again this time I put the garlic on with tape to hold the garlic in place and not let my skin breathe I held on the full 15 minutes. This completely tore my skin and burned it to the point of puss coming out I wa disgusted and terrified but a week passed and my skin healed completely i looked and every single wart was gone and my skin was smooth and it's been almost a year wart free I went through a lot of pain but It was really worth it.

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