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A bar of soap works for me. I used to place the soap underneath the fitted sheet on the bed but found that every time you move, the soap moves too so it doesn't remain under your legs for long. My daughter (who also has RLS) suggested wearing socks with a piece of soap in them and this has worked great! I also occasionally have RLS in my arms (RAS??), so I moisten the inside of the wrist area and rub some soap on them before going to bed. I'm sure this doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth giving it a try (and cheap!).

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Hans Christian Andersen

No, no, no, no. In order for the soap to work correctly, it must be placed UNDER the mattress. As I explained in my seminal work, 'The Princess and the Pea', mattresses have a magical ability to amplify the beneficial power of any item placed beneath them. So just as mattresses were used to identify true royalty, the mattress will use the soap to give you relief. THIS is the only way that you can LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!


Is this soap underneeth the sheets for restless legs relief a joke?

goin crazy here

What kind of soap?


There is actually an ailment called Restless Body Syndrome and this includes arms and chest


No. Using soap in not a joke


I think you guys forgot about waving the magic wand over the bed, and calling a priest to exorcise the demons.

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