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Gary Fleischmann

I've had psoriasis for over 30 years and have tried countless remedies. Most recently one of two things worked, albeit inadvertently! Doing them together would not amount to any type of hardship.

First eliminate all GMO oils from your life. That means if it doesn't say organic, don't use it. This also includes the consumption of commercial fried foods which are mostly deep fried in canola oil aka vegetable oil. The list, to be safe, includes canola, corn, soybean and plain vegetable oil (which can be any one or a combo of these three). These plants have all been highly genetically modified.

The other thing I did unknowingly and then confirmed through readings was consume lots of home made bone broth. In my case I went on a home made chicken soup craze in some quest to rekindle a culinary legacy of my grandparents. During this period my psoriasis completely cleared up. Apparently the collagen/gelatin you get in bone broths is amazingly restorative. I suggest the book Healing Broths by Sally Fallon for a great write up and great recipes.

Unfortunately perhaps, I did both of these at the same time and watched my psoriasis vanish over the coarse of a month. Didn't realize it until much later so was unable to say if it was 100% one or the other. Good chance both were great moves in and of themselves.

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I've just recently heard about the bone broths. I am so glad you posted this as I didn't know exactly what it treated but just knew that it was good for you. I am certainly going to make some bone broth and see if I can find the book. Thanks so much for this information.

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