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I had three large skin tags under my armpit, I consulted my GP who confirmed skin tags, she advised me just use tooth floss around it tight and they will drop off. I complied with my GP I did one tag at a time tying it off tight with tooth floss, after three days the tags fell off, a slight bit of blood nothing else. I used antiseptic to keep it clean you would not know they were there now good advice. Only slight pain tying up the floss.

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Eva Heard

I used another home remedy to get rid of mine. This might sound a little crazy, but it totally worked for me. I covered the skin tags, two to three times a day with nail polish (Choose a good brand and test it on your skin before applying it on the tags) After a week the tags dried and disappeared on its own. If you don't have the patience to apply it everyday like my sister, you could always get it done at your doctors. she got hers removed at Vaughan vein clinic. Both works.

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