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I just had a the biggest cold sore of my entire life. It must have been the size of a dime. I literally got rid of it in 24 hours.

Wait until it stops tingling. Meaning its at its full growth.

Pop it by gently irritating the skin with a qtip soaked in nail polish remover or alcohol (some people use a sterile pin)

Be sure not to get the juice anywhere else or it could start another cold sore easily.

This part is gross but I actually used a sterile tweezer to peel the first layer of the skin open and peel it away from the blister. leaving a gapping wound.

Now if you dont kill all the virus it will just close up and form another blister.

cover the open wound with salt and add a drop of peroxide. It will form a huge bubbly mountain ontop of the sore, It will burn like hell. Eventually it will dry up and become crusty salt. 1 hour

this point! NO MORE BLISTER! but now you have a gaping wound. This is good though, now time to clean with more peroxide, and use neosporin religiously. every 30 minutes reapply the neosporin. You are simply bringing the wound to scab phase and then POOF. GONE!

My scab was nice and skin toned, even though there was still some swelling I could have left the house on day 2 with the skin colored scab and felt comfortable. All of day 3, just apply apply apply neosporine.

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