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I had what I think was a large skin tag the size of a raisin. It had a stalk and was flesh colored with no pain. I tried a tiny rubber band wrapped around it twice. It turned red, not black and let out mostly clear liquid with a little blood. I changed the covering twice a day for about three days. Then I tied it off tighter with dental floss. Same thing. Red, not black and leaking liquid. Finally, after another three days, I iced it for a minute and cut it off. It bled a lot. I used 4 or 5 light day pads and finally a gauze and heavy pad wrapped with an ace bandage overnight. I should have done that sooner to stop the bleeding. In the morning I removed the gauze and put on antiseptic cream with a bandage. The spot is sore. Will update if there is more to this story.

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Wow, it sounds like you should have seen a dr.

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