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I use to get cold sores frequently (6-10 per year). It is very frustrating and depressing. I even used prescription meds and they had varying levels of success from okay to no help at all. I also tried the L-Lysine diet with no success. I've tried various ways of modifying my diet over the years with no success. However, over the last year i've had very few outbreaks and (knock on wood) in the last 4-5 month period i've had no outbreak which is a miracle for me. When i was younger i had outbreaks 1-2 times per year. As i finished university and moved into the work world the outbreaks increased almost exponentially. I thought about the differences in my diet. I did't consume much milk when i was growing up. Perhaps a litre a week on average. As an adult my dairy consumption skyrocketed. Milk (2%) became my main beverage source. 6-8 litres a week, along with yogurt, ice cream, cheese and i was also consuming whey protein powders. Earlier this year i virtually eliminated milk and yogurt from my diet. I now consume maybe 500ml of milk per week. No yogurt. But i started drinking about a litre of kelfir per week. So as you can see it's not exactly a controlled experiment. Not sure what the determining factor is but it seems to be working so i'm going to continue. Just wanted to through this out there for others if they want to try. I constantly see home/scientific remedies advocating for the consumption of lots of dairy (L-Lysine) as a preventative. I wonder if all the antibiotics and hormones that are given to cows to promote milk production might be part of the issue. Don't know. All i know is after cutting down on milk and drinking plain o water it seems to be helping. Cheers!

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