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I have suffered with Bacterial Vaginosis for years. After being prescribed antibiotics many times with no success, I just gave up. I lived with it for years and now I wish I knew then what I know now.

My BV has gone away for the first time in years! It was not an easy process, and I must do daily maintenance, but I finally figured out what works.


Every night, I took a really hot bath with Epsom Salt (1/2 cup), Himalayan Pink Salt (1/8 cup), Vinegar(1/4 cup), and 2 caps full of tea tree oil.

This helped almost immediately. I then took probiotic pills daily. I would insert a whole pill inside of my vagina and wear a panty liner (as the pill dissolves it will be bright yellow and can stain your underwear).

I started taking the following daily (as per the instructions on the bottles):

--Vitamin D
--Flax Seed Oil
--Women's Multi-Vitamin
--Vitamin E
--B-12 Complex w/ Folic Acid
--Diatomaceous Earth

The main thing I did that gave me COMPLETE relief from the BV was drinking 2L of Green Tea and 1L of water per day.

I am not a huge water drinker, but the GREEN TEA was what really changed things for me. Green tea kills bacteria and also is an antioxidant. The Diatomaceous Earth also helped. It kills parasites and helps your body produce calcium.

It wasn't one of these things, but all of them that cured my BV. I take the baths every other day and I don't insert the probiotic anymore. But these things worked and even though it's something I now do daily, I don't mind it because I can't go back. Now my panties never have any discharge and the smell is completely gone. I don't get any abdominal pains anymore and I can't be happier. I know if I continue this regimen, the BV will stay gone.

In addition to this, my hair has also grown an inch in a month.

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