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Sore Socket

Do this to AVOID dry socket: Do not drink thru a straw for 3-4 days; Do NOT rinse first 24 hrs after tooth extraction rinse gently with warm salt water after eating anything. I thank this website for saving my sanity as 36 hrs after removal of a tooth and bone graft the collagen packing came oozing out thru the stitches due to extreme swelling. My dentist said no problem and said nothing about a dry socket. Pain continued to radiate to my ear and was excruciating. Got tired of trying to function on pain meds and tried the clove oil/Eugenol - put some on Q-Tip in Walgreens parking lot at lunchtime and 10-15 minutes later the throbbing pain was gone! A miracle! Tastes bad but just wad up piece of paper towel and shove under tongue and cheek to catch salvia while you hols the Q-Tip in the socket for a minute. I didn't have to take any more pain killers and I only have to reapply in morning.

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I followed every direction the oral surgeon gave, but a sneeze came out of nowhere and did me in. Now I have a dry socket. I have had them before- this one is so far not as intense as others, and hoping it won’t get a lot worse. Using my Ibuprofen and Percocet, and keeping a cotton swab on site soaked in Thieves oil and coconut oil. Ready to use tea bags or go buy a kit if I need to! Lots of prayer! It’s NewYear’s Day so no Dentist open. Appreciate all the tips!

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