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Dr. MOM with shitty teeth!

I have very bad dental insurance amongst other things...ive been struggling with this for years. the pain brings you to your breaking point, i think it could litterly drive a person crazy..this is what i do to make it stop...first invest in a electric tooth brush and sensitive toothpaste..brush your teeth reaaly good front back if you have broken teeth get up in there with the tooth brush let it spin to get out all the gunk..after rinse with warm water as well as brush with warm water.if the toothpaste hurts your teeth more than just put baking soda in a cup dip your brush in it and brush well especially the area that hurts..then put peroxide and brush the area and spit. after thak SEA SALT NOT TABLE SALT, mix with warm water make sure you have a good amount in there, swish side to side, back and fourth paying as much attention to the area as possible. do it a few times then rinse mouth with just water..take 2 alieve...this is not a cure but it should help the pain ALOT if not take it away...bottom line our teeth suck!!and at some point we'll all have to pop a valium and see a dentist..but til then try this..hope it helped some of you..oh and stop touching the area with your tounge or creating sucktion with your cheeck it makes the pain worse!!!

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