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Thank you Ladies for all your remedies! I got BV for the first time two months ago and tried everything to get rid of it-you know the slippry slope! What finally worked for me was the hydro/h20 douche for three days,with a final day of apple cider vinegar/h2o douche with a probiotic inserted afterwards. I couldnt beleive it so i even whent back to the Dr. to confirm and test came back negative-phew!
My BV was triggered by sex and im currently without a partner so im not sexually active. My question for all you kind ladies is, are you douching regularly to keep BV free, or just when you notice symptoms, or after sex? Just trying to get more info. so i know what to do in the future. Thank you for sharing!

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I just want to say that douching is probably one of the worst things you can do for this. It is terrible for your natural bacteria and can cause more infections.


Just seconding that...don't douche it makes the infection worst or an reoccurring thing!


i agree because I didn't have it until I became active again after a 10 mos of no sex. I started douching and now it is worse than it has ever been. I also hear that using condoms can trigger it.
However I am not comfortable not using one of those. Too new to the dating scene after a 22 year relationship ended.
hope that the posts I have been reading gives me a cure. and fast I miss being with my bf.


Douching is one of the worst things you can do because it disrupts the balance of natural flora in the vagina. Use RAW brand vaginal care probiotics and insert in vagina twice a day for 2 weeks and then once a day for 6 weeks to create a healthy balance and see amazing results. You will feel better and will get your life back!! Diet modification is also necessary as bacteria thrive on sugar. Eat lean meats, drink filtered water, decrease carb intake, and eat plenty of fruits and veggies. It worked for me!!

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