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Desccated liver tablets cured my planta warts. I had three big plantar warts under both my feed for over 1.5 years. I had tried every home remedies I could found. From Apple cider vinegar, banana peel, oregana oil, super duck tapes etc. I made sure continued every method for at least 2 month before I moved on to the next one. Nothing really worked - at some point,I felt so hopeless and gave up all treatments because it was so hurting. I decided go for laser surgery. Before booking the appointment, I just bought two bottles of desccated liver tablets without even hoping anything. I gave myself one month to tryout. Around the end of 3rd weeks, I noticed all three plantar warts 'melted' away from inside. They were almost flat and soft after 4 weeks. I Believe they'll be gone within another 2 weeks! No pain at all. Try this method before any other methods!

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That's amazing! I love the internal approach. I never had enough success with it to get rid of my plantar wart completely (it was a deep one), but it certainly helped. I've wanted to try dessicated liver for some time now. Maybe I'll give it a go for general health!

If anyone's interested, I used epsom salt soaks, duct tape and salicylic acid pads to get rid of my plantar wart. Worked like a charm, but I would like to be able to combat it internally more effectively next time... if there is a next time : )

I created a blog with before and after photos if anyone is interested in seeing how much success I had with my method.

stubbornwart (dot) blogspot (dot) com



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