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Your welcome lol

What work for me. I took a lot of advice from here. I was in so much pain, I did a blast of treatment.

Mix white vinegar, peroxide, and vanilla extract. Used it as mouthwash.

Mouthwash with vinegar and salt after that.

Then with just peroxide.

Then place vanilla extract right on the gum.

Went through another hour or two of pain, then all of a sudden it disappeared. Haven't had any pain for hours, going to repeat again before I sleep.

Only time I felt pain is when I would touch the swore spot with my tongue. Lots of swelling so kinda hard not to do that.

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This worked for my mom! Pain went away within fifteen minutes, she is very grateful. She is now just doing the salt water rinse and mouthwash as a preventative measure.


I used this homemade mouthwash and had great results. A little bit of pain and inflammation would go away with each use. I also took Jarrow Probiotic capsules and drank water with colloidal silver in it to clear up the gum infection. I get these gum infections a couple of times a year and I always have to take a multi-step approach.


Just tried this, fingers crossed. This pain has me seeing stars.


Its definitely the peroxide i was stuck at work and thats all they had. 2 hrs later the pain is gone!!!! Thank you so much o have had this pain for 4 days non stop


THANK YOU! I've been in pain all day and seems that I have tried everything. This worked in minutes


Followed the advice given for peroxide,vinegar and vanilla.what a relief.
It really works.
So much happier now.thank you!


measurements please... and should the be heated when used with the salt/ instructions too vague


measurements please... and should the vinager be heated when used with the salt/ instructions too vague....


How much of each thing do I use

still waiting

Its been a half hour I've tried this, still waiting for results. This pain is excruciating

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