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Seems like there are just about as many remedies as there are sufferers :-).

Here's my (current) 5c worth:
A few months ago, I was very surprised (mainly because I don't look down there too often) a large red patch with clearly defined edges on the inside of both my upper thighs, adjacent to my scrotum. A Google photo search seemed to confirm that this was Tinia Cruris. My doc took a look, agreed with the diagnosis, and suggested Lamisil cream. This cleared the red patches pretty quickly and I thought the problem was solved. Not quite.
A couple of weeks later, I developed an itch around my scrotum. A quick exam revealed that my upper thighs were still clear of the red patches but the entire ball bag was a dark pink color. I figured that the Tina Cruris must have transferred to this area and dosed it with Lamisil. However, this time the cream stung, which hadn't happened before, and did nothing to remove the itching or the discoloration.
I had some Canesten so I tried that, but the stinging and itching was worse than with Lamisil.
Having read all of these pages, I was quite daunted with the number of possible cures, but one suggestion caught my eye: Saliva. I'd used this odd-sounding remedy for several years to help with Rosacea on my nose, and it always helped, so I tried it on my scrotum. It worked. Well, at least it keeps the itching to a minimum, and, if I'm more diligent about applying my 'spit and polish' solution (I tend to put off doing it, but I reckon it needs to be done two or three times a day), I think it could clear it up permanently. It's certainly cheaper than creams! :-)

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Jock itch is like a fungus in a lawn. You can never eradicate it unless you dig up the soil and haul everything away from your property. But I know how to optimally manage it. 1) keep the area as dry as possible all the time 2) never scratch the area 3) don't put any substance on the area. Nothing. Not even soap to wash it. Powerwash it with your shower head, but don't apply anything ever.

If you follow those protocols, you will not have a problem. If you get a flare up because you failed these three things, apply a drying agent like rubbing alcohol and start fresh.

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