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Hello Hive suffering folks. I have been breaking out in Hives since Feb 12,2014, and today I sit in my bed covered from head to toe with hives. I have tried EVERY DAM THING! I'm currently on zyrtec 3x's daily, Zantac 150mg 2x's a day, Singular 10 mg 1x's a day and now my asthma is acting up so add in flow vent 4x's daily, albuterol as needed and nebulizer treatments if needed. I have been on prednisone since march (med dose packs every month). I have been very frustrated the last few days. I have had several visits to the ER only to be given more Prednisone. WTF! Now my Allergy specialist wants to try XOLAIR®(omalizumab)injections once a month. they say Hive this lone is due to an auto immune disease soooooo, I have seen my GI specialist because I have Ulcerative Colitis (all clear, nothing there). I have appointmentsXOLAIR® (omalizumab) with my OB/GYN because I have and IUD and that could be it (not likely). Also I have scheduled and appointment with and Endocrinologist, (hope she can help). I have been tested for food allergies, various cancers, all my organs tested and so on and so on. I have read everyone's comments to see if some one has found the answer. NOPE! NOT ONE OF US. I live in Connecticut and my next move is to go to YALE to have a Hematologist, Endocrinologist and Allergist work on me and search the cause. My body is responding to something. I'm determine to find out what! I will keep you all posted on my finds. I will also seek the help of a Homeopathic/ Natural path M.D.

my name is Malee

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Wonder if you found the cause, my daughter has same problem


Any luck? I have the same problem.


Hi, I went to see a skin specialist, gave me a name for the problem after almost 2 years of hell... He told me to cut out any medication containing aspririn. I havent had hives since but I still use prednisone (hate it) and Dazit (anti histamine). You should also avoid any fruit or veggies containing seeds (except pumpkin). So NO FRUIT AND VEGGIES SUCH AS OLIVES, AVOS, ORANGES, CUCUMBER. TOMATOS, MANGOS, LITCHEES (to many to name) bananas and pineapples are fine for example. No fruit juice or wine. Hope it helps...

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