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To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!

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Yep Vitamin c rose hip a winner in my book and if its not working for you.. You may want to see a Dr. To make sure you don't have anything else other then BV.


Tried the Rosehips 750mg and Ester C vitamin C non acidic 500mg for two days, one capsule each and So far so good. Had an itch for a few days at first but it's okay now. No sign of smell or itch so far.

Definitely works!!!!!!


Ive never had an issue with burning. Everyone is different i guess. I use a tampon and 500 mg of vitamin c with rose hip i got from cvs. works great for me. I also use them after my period or aex to prevent it from coming back. Drinking green tea, and cutting down on sugar in my diet really helps balance everything.


What's the name of the pills?


Does the pill dissolve on its own? Once inserted will you have to do anything to flush it out or just go about your day?


I just put 1,000 mg inside vaginally and i broke it in half and put them separate of each other. I took 3 pills of acidophilus 900mg. I hope it works


Its burning like hell after it dissolved


So i have no discharge or irritation. I put one in the morning and one at night. I will continue for 3 days but im happy


So the pills i was inserting was yellow and my discharged turned from white to yellow. But its day two i used a tampon and most of the discharge is gone. And i soke a tampon with hydrogen peroxide to clean out the discharge and now i feel amazing. I take a probiotic and vitamins and vitamin c with rose hip orally


It will burn more if the build up is bad. Try to lay down so it wont leak.

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