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To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!

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I noticed the fishy odor during intercourse with my partner. I have an IUD and so that is the only thing that keeps me from getting pregnant during sex if you catch my flow... So I think the fluid exchange in combination with chain smoking cigarettes last week (not a consistent smoker, the habit is more stress based) totally threw off my levels and caused the BV. I obsessed over finding a natural cure via the Internet all day yesterday because I want it gone before my boyfriend comes back from a business trip in 5 days. The Vitamin C w/rose hips kept popping up and even though the idea of sticking a vitamin in my vagina seemed...odd, a lot of people had good feedback so I decided to try it. With only one application it seemed to have done the trick. Some people complain about burning but it's only because they haven't inserted the pill far enough and when it breaks down and reaches the "entryway" is when people experience the discomfort. I popped it in and then got into bed and I think Gravity was on my side because I was laying down so I had no burning at all. ***in addition to the vitamin*** I read that ingesting spirulina is a great way to reset your levels and so I have been mixing the powder with tea and drinking that twice a day. So far so good but I guess I'll only know for sure once Im having intercourse since that's the only time I noticed it. I'll probably insert another pill tonight and tomorrow to be sure, and no more smoking cigarettes! Jeez. Hope this helps!


Oh my Gosh, I inserted the vitamin c tablet with rose hips and the odor and discharge is completely gone. I'm on day 2 now. I did it again last night to make sure it stays gone. I felt so relieved at work because I work in a small space with others. Thank you so much for helping me!!!!


Vitamin C with rose hips works! If you're looking for quick results you must insert the capsule. Don't buy the chewable Vitamin C from Walgreens. Go to a vitamin shop or health food store for the best options. I did a ton of research before buying to make sure I got the right vitamin C. I purchased Solaray Vitamin C with Bioflavonoid concentration plus Rose Hips and Acerola 1000mg (100 capsules) for about $13. My symptoms were gone overnight. I plan to insert the capsules for the next 3 nights just be sure.

I've been suffering with BV for several years. I've spent hundreds of dollars and seen a handful of doctors to find a remedy. I was prescribed several different things including boric acid suppositories, antibiotics and Metronidazole. The antibiotics worked but my symptoms came right back after I finished the dosage. I'm so happy to have finally found a natural way to remedy my issues. Good luck, ladies!


To whomever found this home remedy, can I marry you?!? I mean seriously. I am 23 years old and have been battling BV on and off for the last 4 freaking years!! It's ruined my sex life, not to mention, it makes you extremely self conscious. Men don't understand the things we go through as women. Our lady parts are soooo temperamental and anything can change our ph levels. I never even knew that BV existed until my doctor told me I had it. Since then, it just kept on coming back. The antibiotics stopped working, and I got tired of paying copays. About 3 weeks ago I started to notice it coming back again, so I was trying all kinds of home remedies. The other day I came across this method and was skeptical. I wasn't sure how I felt about shoving a vitamin/tablet into my hoohaa. But I had nothing left to lose so last night I said to hell with it and gave it a shot. Ladies, it actually freaking worked! I stuck the tablet into the end of my tampon application and shoved that bad boy up there and left it overnight. Woke up this morning, all of my symptoms were GONE!!!! It didn't burn, itch, was normal!!! I could not freaking believe it. I'm going to do it for the next two nights just to make sure it's completely gone. I do recommend using rephresh gel after the 3 days because it will help to keep your ph regulated. I am so serious girls, if you haven't tried this, TRY IT!!!


Okay so I'm 19, and I have a bv, bad odor and discharge, so basically you insert a pill in your vagina and then what? Is it suppose to dissolve? Also does it get rid of it completely? Or will my bv come back? It's so discomforting knowing it makes me smelly and makes me not want to be intimate :(


It works I'll do it for about three more days to make sure it's gone


I have suffered from BV for years but it went away and came back over and over. I used to take the metronidazole but o used to vomit so GUM clinic gave me Clindamycin which gave me thrush. I decided to use the Vit C, 500 mg not coated, tablets and combine this with Rosehips seperately and used my inserter from the Clindamycin to put them in. I put two Rosehips in as they were of a small measurement.

Before this I was suffering with thick cottage cheese discharge and itching so I'm willing to try anything. I pushed them right up into where my IUD is and left it there. So far nothing's come out. I'm having minor itching but I'm just hoping and praying this treats thrush as well as BV because I know the thrush has come as a result of the Clindamycin????


Tonight is night one of Rosehips and Vit c

The itch still remains, I put some manuka honey down there like a cream, the itch seems to be wearing off. Will update tomorrow


Im trying the vitamin C rose hip pills 500mg inserted up there far so good!


I've tried and now I have a really bad itch ffs

I also have the IUD

I pushed the meds up till I felt a strain

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