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To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!

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Tried this for the first time yesterday. Inserted the store-brand Vitamin C w Rose Hip at about lunchtime. Odor GONE without any special effort by 8pm (could have been sooner but that's when I checked).

I had no issues with burning but I was careful to insert it all the way up to the 'top' (almost my Cervix) and did wear a pantyliner while at work (5 hours after insertion). The panty liner was barely necessary but a good precaution. I am also thinking about proposing this as a research topic for my colleagues in the medical field, as it seems to have helped a lot of people and it would be good to understand if there are any possible negative side effects.


I did find a legitimate medical study! So, if you don't want your only 'proof' to be from a random internet stranger:

"cure ...was achieved by 86.3\% of patients with Vit. C ... Cure rate in PP was 86.0\% with Vit. C (n=50) ...Vit. C [and placebo] were well tolerated and no differences in safety profile were evident between groups. The results support an effective and safe use of silicon-coated Vit. C vaginal tablets in the management of BV."

2011 Study from PubMed


Vitamin C with rose hip worked for me!! I did catch it earily problerly about 3 days in. Inserted one at bed time woke up the next day and smell was gone. I know my trigger it's the one person I like to be with and he make the "bad bacteria run wild". I'm so happy it's a cheap remedy and I don't have to go to the doctor once a month. ??


This is the 5th day I use it, and I'm dying of burning right now. The first 4 days I didn't feel this burning, but that was because I actually inserted it all the way up and today I screwed up! I actually left it on the beginning like an idiot.. And now I'm burning horribly! Anything to ease the burning? Lorrrdddd


So do I just insert the pill in my vagina?


LADIES! Listen when I tell you! I've been dealing with BV for about 6 years now, a pure nightmare! I literally thought the devil lived in my vagina???? I've tried everything and I do mean everything! BV LITERALLY TOOK OVER MY LIFE! The smell is awful, I made excuses to not have sex with my boyfriend because I was too embarrassed about the smell. I've researched so much about bacterial vaginosis that I probably knew more than my GYN. Finally I read something different. I read about vitamin C with rose hip to insert in your vagina. I literally flew out on my lunch break to pick some up and got back to work and inserted that bad boy up in me with no hesitation! I promise u, the smell & discharge was gone in 3 hours no lie!!! I really felt like the curse was taken off my vagina. I never been so happy in my life. I feel normal again. Ladies please try!


Ok, so I got the vitamin c with rosehips tonight, 500mg. And I'm about to shower and wash with hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, and water down there and then insert the vitamin before I lay down for bed. But how far up should I insert it? I read some people said the higher up you insert it the less likely it will burn or something like that?


Had orange discharge for a day, but it worked like a charm! No burning or anything. Was really skeptical but I am really glad I did it.


After reading all of the posts about vitamin c with rosehips, I decided to try it. I have suffered with this for quite a few years, but the past few months it has come more frequently. Two nights ago, I inserted two 500 mgs vitamin c with rosehips (tablets) and just like everyone said, the smell was gone the next morning, but it did burn very badly. Last night, I inserted two more tablets (no sugar no sweetners added) with a tampon and left the tampon in overnight. There was NO BURNING. The smell is still gone. I'm noticing a clumpy discharge, but I think it's some of the tablet that didn't disolve completely. Hope thus helps everyone with the burning, but the vitamin c definitely works with the odor. I'm going to do this after my period every month, because that's when the smell and discharge seems to come. (After having sex on my period) Good Luck everyone!


I've only had bv for a couple of months, following on from thrush and cystitis where I was given antibiotics. Ever since then, my vaginal ph has been out of sync! I tried a vit c and rosehip tablet as a pessary 500mg (a non coated, non chewable type), by pushing it to the top of a tampon with applicator to make sure it was inserted as high up as possible. I did this after bathing and just before bed last night. No burning experienced and I've woken up this morning and the itching and soreness has disappeared. I've had some gushes of odourless white discharge this morning and I no longer feel irritated down there or internally. My bv seems to be the result of semen and or condoms, which also now gets aggravated by my periods. This is a great solution to managing bv. (Can't say if it's cured yet, early days). Thank you all so much for your informative posts! xx

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