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To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!

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This really helped! Thanks!!


I'm using nature made 500mg liquid soft gels. They are brown and pretty big lol. I didn't want to use a tablet so I got these. They were actually very mild, didn't burn much at all. Just a little tingle. I first used one Friday right after my period and it just about instantly cleared up the oder and I didn't really have any discharge. Today I used another after sex do I'm going to wait a few days and see if it comes back. Over all this was the best solution I've had so far. (I also take a probiotic daily)


It works!!! Vitamin C w rose hips. I just tried this last night and already my symptoms are completely gone!! Thank you!!!


I have experience bv for so long finally i tried rosehip it burns like hell but it works the smell was gone didnt smell anything during or after sex.


I've tried the vitamin c and it definitely works. The first few times I tried it, it burned me to tears so I pushed it out. But I have lately been using a reusable vaginal insert. It comes with the monistat packages. I push it in as far as it can go comfortably and I have not had the burning issue. I'm assuming it burns because it's not in far enough. Hope this helps!


Yes ladies vitamin c with Rose hips will cure this overnight I just did it and I no longer have low self esteem thank god for this post and that helpful information you can buy these pills at Walmart they are close to six dollars for a hundred of them its well worth it some females have said that it burned and it was unbearable not the case for me and if you are wondering yes you just take the pill inserylt it in you're vagina so don't feel weird I know we all think pills should just go in our mouths but not in this case you will be fine


U may not feel any burning I didn't but I was a little irritated from the discharge that leaked out to my external parts which caused me to check up there when u notice some slight bleeding from the acid yes Vit C is Acidic. The bleeding was very light as if I scratch I it but trust me I didn't. I will not follow up with consecutive days of treatment once over nite is fine for me beside Vitamin C residual still was there 12 hours later...again u may only see bleeding if u actually check up there..Other then that smell was gone within a few hours and discharge from BV completely gone by morning...I will definitely use it again it beats the nasty tast of flagyl and yeast causing metro gel messy inserts. BV since I was 17 I'm 35 wow. My stressors is sex after my period and I believe my sugar intake.. I found my Vit C at Rite aid for under $5. Good Luck Ladies

Formula for BV

Ladies get Vitiman C with Rose hip 500 mg I believe most people say they feel extreme burning cause they use a higher dose and if u have any broken skin from scratching it may burn. I also washed my external area and wiped the opening with plain water and wash cloth to decrease irritation from the Vitiman C discharge.


I'm 24 and I have had BV for some time now. It smelled awful always having to wear pantie liner becuase of the discharge. It's been frustrating never feeling cleaning. I looked online last week and came across vitamin C with rosehip and thought why not. I bought the 100 ct Walgreens brand 500mg.around 5 or 6 dollars. Same day around noon Inserted two pills put a pantie liner and went about my day. There was no buring as I have read with other. Nothing. Around 3-4 hrs later I felt wet very wet. I went and showered. Clean up. I notice it didn't smell any more. I stuck my finger inside and the discharge wasn't 100\% gone but it was about 80\%. Which was amazing to me. I could already notice the difference. I repeated the two pills again at bed time. Morning I shower and it was completely gone. No discharge. No smell. Nothing. Fresh clean feeling that I haven't had in a long time. I decided to do this once a week. If it keep me feeling fresh then it very well worth it.


Went to dr to confirm bv. Fear taking antibiotics will give me a yeast infection. Read the forums. Tried 1 oral tablet 500 vitamin c inserted at bed. Like everyone else, smell was gone by morning. Doing it tonight too to be sure. Had so much trouble with bv a few years back. Suffered for months. Hope this is my new cure!

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