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To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!

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Make a lil plug of coconut oil, rosehip oil or powder from capsule and vit c. Freeze it. ..just for a min or two. And insert in vag. Works! Add cider vinegar and water to diet too


I've had BV on and off for the past couple of months and this is the quickest easiest way to get rid of the infection and smell! I used vitamic C with rose hips tablet, not chewable, right before bed inserted vaginally, the BV smell is gone the next morning and there's no smell or extra discharge from the tablet! I'm completely amazed how simple it is to clear up with Vitamin C, plus it did not burn overnight, anyone looking for a fast and cheap cure should try this before anything else!

~Very Curious~

But after you put the pill in at night and wait till morning do you wash it out? Or do u leave in the dissolved pill till night time to wash it out?


What do u insert the tablet with? Does it dissolve inside you? It doesn't sound so good lol


It dissolves inside you and you insert it with your finger. Push it right up there. I tried it last night. When I used the bathroom this morning white liquid came out. I don't know if it was the dissolved pill of if it just made my BV worse, but I feel worse today than yesterday. Maybe it takes a few days, but I'm kinda bummed. My fiance comes home on Saturday and I feel like I took a step back in my healing process. Might just go back to what I did before.
*Apple Cider Vinegar bath(2 Cups in bath)
*Apple Cider Tampon treatment (Soak the tip of the tampon in a cap full of ACV and insert.
*Yogurt Tampon Treatment- Dip tampon in yogurt and sleep with it in.
*Two table spoons of ACV orally
*Probiotic (acidophilus) and Garlic supps.


So i was reading this thread and decided to purchase the vitamin c with rose hip tablet and accidently got 1000mg.
So i just cut the tablet in half to make 500mg.
So i was afraid of the burning from what i read. But see, the burning will only happen if you have scrapes and cuts below then yes you will feel the burn.
As the pill dissolves since theres some acid in it, you will feel a burning sensation as it will leak onto your cuts as youre asleep so make sure you have no cuts down there if you do, wait for it to heal first then do the remedy. No scratching down there!
Im telling you the pain is serious. I almost considered going to the ER because it was so painful and there was nothing i can do.
Hope this helps
Good luck to you all.


I must have bought the wrong vitamin c. I keep seeing people talking about capsules I bought a white tablet and couldnt leave it up thete for five minutes it burned so bad. Is that the one i shouldhave been using?


I have suffered from BV for a little bit now got it first when I was 25, took antibiotics from my primary, then got it again a year later. Took antibiotics, it went away and came back within a week! Its a very annoying and stressful situation. I only suffer from the foul smell, no discharge, etc. So I was doing research online and found that people buy Vitamin C tablets with rose hipes, DISSOLVABLE ONES not gel, and insert it before bed. I did it and it worked the first night, did it three nights in a row and its completely gone! Ladies, you must try it!


The vitamin c with rose hips really works! I use the 500mg ones and just insert one vaginally at night and use the restroom in the morning to cleanse it out. I also found that eating at least a cup of yogurt and taking two vitafusion multivites each day helps me as well. I suffered with chronic bv and nothing from the docs helped this is all that cured me!! :)


I was diagnosed with bv last month, and have no clue had to get rid of it. MetroGel removed the symptoms, but aftwr a week thwy returned. After thoroughly researching the method of using Vitamin C, I finally decided to try it. I went to CVS and purchased Nature's Bounty Vitamin C 500mg, and a box tampons because I read the best way to insert them was to use a tampon. Now being someone who, in my 27 years, has never used a tampon it made be a bit apprehensive. Not to mention people talking about the burning. (Which I'll get to in a moment) My first attempts consisted of me sticking the Vit C pill as far as I could, and then inserting a tampon to push it farther. I felt a slight tingling/burning for a few minutes, but it subsided. The most uncomfortable part for me was the tampon. Usually, I would end up keeping it in for about 15 minutes before i had to pull it out due to pain and itching. This also could have been because I used CVS brand. Anyway, BIG mistake. Once the pill starting dissolving, and the discharge started to come out, it was the most intense burning I have ever dealt with in my life. I am someone with a pretty high pain threshold, and the burning almost had me in tears. I was on the 2nd day of a 3 day treatment, and knew there was absolutely no way that I could do another day of feeling that pain. I needed to figure something out. What I did was pretty much the same concept, but instead of using my finger to push it in, I pulled the cotton down inside of the tampon, and placed the pill on top. Once the tampon was inserted the pill went right along with it. I had no burn, no pain, and no itching. I did it right before bed, and removed it after 2 hours. This method helped me out alot. I hope this helps someone else out too. We have enough to worry about as women. Burning vaginas should not be added to the list.

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