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To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!

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I used the Vit C w/Rosehip during the day. When I used the bathroom I had alot of mucus and the pill came out but it did dissolve quite a bit. Would it be Okay if I put it in again when I go to bed? I'm So tired of this BV... haven't had it for a few years but when it comes it shuts my whole world down. :(


Whoever is having trouble with bacteria vaginosis and can't seem to find a cure for it, VITAMIN C WITH ROSEHIP IS THE BEST SOLUTION!!!!!!! my goodness I've been to doctors, and even tried the bv tablets at Kmart.. They only worked within a couple of days but vitamin c with rosehip worked overnight.. The next morning I had no fishy foul smell and Im starting to feel BV free!! I will definitely use these more often!!


I have suffered from Bv for 3 years, I was sexually active and when the relationship ended well so did the Bv, after two months it was just completely gone and I did nothing different! But I had a minor surgery down there and they put me on antibiotics and a week later what do you know it brought my Bv right back!!!! Came on here and gave the vit c a shot! I put the vitamin c capsule in and had no burning woke up the next morning and was excited because I had no discharge and no smell then the following day had the discharge again. so the first time I used it, it did nothing. I decided to give it another try tonight and planned on doing it for 3 nights in a row but I woke up with the worst burning ever! I had to wash off down there and now I'm in bed and refuse to move because moving is causing more burning. I'd say give it a try it might work for you. I believe if I could continue it for a few more days my symptoms would be gone but I can't tolerate the burning. I'm not sure why this time was different from last time but man worst burning ever I don't want to go through it again :(


It burns like hell but it works


It burns like hell but it works!


Can i take probiotic orally and the vitamin c pill vaginally

Miyah Lee

Definitely works! Idk why but I tend to get BV quite often and tried this. The first dose I did during the day, but some came out so that's obviously why it's recommended for bedtime but within a few hours, the odor was gone. I did it for 3 days, no burn...but had sex and got it again so I'm treating again. This time it but s. Question: to use as preventive, do you still insert daily or take it by mouth daily? What keeps it from burning or could it be accompanied by a yeast infection?


Usually using coconut oil down there daily out of the shower and acidophilus two or three times a week and my daily tablespoon of braggs acv keeps me regular but I got lazy and stopped. But saw about inserting vitamin C w rosehips and it immediately took the symptoms away and I had no burning. But I only did it one day. It came back w a vengeance 2 days later. So decided to do it the recommended 3 days. Day one I was fine same thing. No symptoms. Day 2 burning and itching like crazy in about 30mins. Too painful to move just in bed with legs spread open lol. Wanted to take it out but now after 2 hours it seems to be dulling but still pretty bad. Hopefully it does the trick and tomorrow isn't so bad.


I bath in tea tree oil 3 drops and apple cider vinagar 2caps and use vitamin c with rosehips insert that over night and drink lemon water worked for me right away I find that you have to try different things and find what works best for you.


Okay I went n got the C- 500mg with rosehips chewable kind but it say natural orange flavor is that the right one

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