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To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!

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Vit C with Rosehips capsules definitely works...I have been dealing with it since July..only comes after sex...starting having the odor and discharge again on i bought and inserted the capsules for 5 hours..just because i was about to shower and was skeptical about it so didn't want to leave it in..went to the doctor this morning Thursday..and no bv....


Is the vitamin c with rose hips supposed to Burn this bad???


I will have to agree that the Vitamin C with Rose Hips works!! Soaps, foods, sex & my cycle always throws my pH off and like clock work here comes BV or a yeast infection. Of course when I visit my doctor he prescribes Flagyl & it makes me feel so bad plus the infection returns a month later accompanied by a yeast infection usually. I inserted a 500 mg tablet of the Nature's Made Vit C with Rose Hips for 2 nights (also took a probiotic daily to increase the good bacteria) & the infection is gone & I feel balanced again. I saw a post on a different forum where a lady said she inserts a tablet after her cycle and sex to catch it before it happens. I have been using Rephresh after my cycle and sex as a preventive method but recently decided to try her method. Success and less expensive!!! Thank God for these forums!!!

Anonymous will burn that's why it's best to do it a bedtime to avoid it leaking out.


I inserted a vitamin tonight so I hope this works


I'm going to buy the vitamin C with rosehips tonight but I'm a little nervous after seeing people say it burns lol does it really burn that bad?


I inserted one 500mg TABLET (it dissolves fast) of Vitamin C with Rose Hips after showering at about 8pm and laid down for bed. It's now 2am and I got up to use the restroom and my odor is complete gone. I did not have any burning. This vitamin c with rose hips actually work better than prescription antibiotics. I get BV at least once a month after my cycle since I had a child. I will be using these pills to prevent/treat my BV in the future!!!


I am going to give this a try tonight. I have tried EVERYTHING! I have done the ACV douches, baths with ACV, eating yogurt and inserting yogurt, Hydrogen Peroxide douches, VH Essentials Medicated Douches, inserting probiotics vaginally and taking orally, VH Essentials vaginal suppositories (worked but only temporary), Folic Acid and on and on. At my wits end. Like many others have posted, I always get it after sex as well but that only started within the last few years which is very strange as I am 36 and been sexually active for 20 years. I am going to buy the dissolvable 500 mg Vitamin C with Rosehips and try this tonight. Hopefully it won't burn any or not to bad anyways. I also have a water ionizer coming next week so I will be able to make acidic water and thought about douching with that as I figure it will help restore the ph balance which is why we get BV infections in the first place. I'll update everyone on that.

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is Kirkland vitamin c with rosehip 1000mg is OK? it is the only brand that is selling here. pls bmb asap :)
I wanna get rid of my bv before the school year start >___<


Thanks everyone ill try this tonight is there anything else I should take after to keep it gone??

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