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To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!

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This does work! This is my new go to. Doctor meds are only a temporary fix and I've spent up to 60+ dollars on medicine and let's not even talk about doctor appointments. I won't be spending money on anything else for bv, but vitamin C ??


I have suffered from bv for a long time and it's a relief to know I am not alone. The smell has gotten so bad that I am unable and unwilling to work in an office. I don't date for obvious reasons. I've been extremely miserable.

I've read widely and spent lots of money buying all that has previously been recommended: boric acid capsules, hydrogen peroxide, acidophilus capsules, folic acid, allicidin capsules. The list is endless.

As I did more research, I decided to make my body alkaline by mixing apple cider vinegar with baking soda and water. That worked for me. However, I had also read about vitamin c with rosehip which I inserted today. I'll see how it goes.

Even as we find relief from vitamin C, it is important to keep our bodies alkaline. The acidity is what throws us out of whack. I'll continue adding apple cider vinegar with baking soda to my water. Every bit helps. Good luck to everyone.


I inserted 1000mg of vitamin c and it began burning after maybe 20 minutes so badly that I was about to throw up from the pain and it had already dissolved so I just had to suffer through it, just a warning do NOT use capsules if you do it


I bought the natures bounty chewable vitamins C with rose hip 500mg. I put it deep in there, as far up as I could and went to bed. It didn’t burn, I hear it burns only if it’s near the opening. Anyway I had these watery secretions throughout the night, and orangish secretion which smelled like yoghurt during the day (which I think is the bad bacteria that cannot adjust to the pH. I later rinsed my vagina by simply inserting my finger in running water until I see no more residue on my fingers. First day all secretions were greatest. By second day secretions were minimal and no smell after rinsing out the residue. I just inserted the pill for the third time, and I’m planning on doing it for a week to make sure it’s gone. I’ve had bv for 8 months now. I tried probiotics, coconut oil, salt water, apple cider, nothing worked. The smell and discharge was always there and I thought I can’t have sex in college. Now my vagina smells like it used to, I smell that metallic musky healthy smell again. This is the best cure you guys, and really cheap. You don’t even need sea sponge or tampon if you do it right.


For ladies inserting the vitamin c once it comes down it will burn I dipped a organic cotton tampon in a small amount of PURE olive out inserted the tampon after the botanic see boom problem solved no burning at all woke up feeling so much better no odor at all and overall my vagina felt Bank to normal do not wash your vagina with soap just pure water and make sure it’s dry I also use organic cotton panty liners hope this helps I’m so happy idk why I didn’t hear about this sooner


My period triggers bv every month, and so every time I get done with my period I use the vitamin c with rose hips for 2 -3 consecutive nights and my vaginas back to normal. I can smell the bad bacteria in my panties on those days, smells like yoghurt going bad. And when the smell goes away, and the gunky discharge stops, I stop inserting the vitamin. Cheap and best.


I have tried everything under the freaking sun to get rid of this thing, antibiotics given to me by my doctor: metridonazole, sporanox, sporasec, peroxide douche, peroxide tampon, ACV douche, ACV tampon, Acidophilus; douche, oral and pushed some in, coconut oil, and that's just to name a few! Needless to say i was beginning to get VERY tired of this and almost gave up hope. Then i read about the Vitamin C with Rose Hips and decided to give it a try since I've already tried everything else. i went out during my break to get a bottle of this stuff. Only one i could find was Nature's Way Vitamin C with Rose Hips 500mg. Almost everyone here is talking about tablets, but these are capsules. I popped one in as soon as i got to work, and another one last night before bed. I gotta say, so far it looks promising! my discharge is getting less and less. it IS yellow so far from the vitamin itself, but no odor, no itching, no burning, NADA! I'm very pleased with this stuff! Note though I am also drinking 1 billion acidophilus 2X a day (been doing this for about 2 weeks now), 1x Vitamin C with Rose Hips (orally during the day and 1x vaginally at night) and I'm also taking ACV in capsule form, 2x a day.

I will keep this up for 3 days, wait for my period to start and then see what happens! I'll keep you guys posted! Wish me luck!


Eh hum.. used a berroca very interesting fanny smells like an orange .. probably not the smartest things ive ever done byt i feel like a fresh woman and a fun way to spend your birthday

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