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To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!

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I am going to try this tonight because I am beyond my breaking point with this HORRIBLE infection and I absolutely can't do another round of antibiotics (metro.) but question for anyone who has had success with this: if you use a tampon to put the pill ALL the way up your vagina, do you LEAVE the tampon in over night as well or do you take it out once the pill has been inserted? I'm wondering if I should just buy the monist that comes with the applicator instead of tampons OR if its better to leave the tampon in so it prevents leaking that might burn??


which vitamin c should I buy?? does it matter??


Let me first say I know better than to douche. I'm 43 years old and know my vagina very well. I had a Mirena IUD. It came out, no idea how, but for several days after I was spotting. Not fresh blood, that old nasty brown blood. After a week I did the unthinkable, yep, I knew better, but I douched in an effort to get rid of the old blood. Woke up to the rotten fish odor the next day. When I have BV it's only the odor I have, no pain or anything else. Damn, I knew better! Like many of you I am disgusted by having this. Makes me feel dirty and unclean. And like many of you I'm a clean person, shower every day and take care of myself. I eat fairly clean, don't wear underwear (too many years of fighting yeast infections) and never EVER take baths. My only downfall is sweating at the gym so I try to get out of my gym clothes the minute I get home. I know i caused this myself by douching, like I said, I knew better. I've had BV in the past, more than once, and have always been prescribed the antibiotic cream, 7 day treatment. It has always gotten rid of my BV, with one little gift, a yeast infection, which means another 7 day treatment of another kind of cream, yuck. I didn't want to do antibiotics this time. In my effort to get rid of it I've tried inserting Greek yogurt in my vagina, did this for three nights, while also taking an apple cider vinegar bath (2 cups in warm bath water) for three nights. I bought probiotics from the health food store, specifically made for vaginal health but taken by mouth, 50 billion. Supposed to take one a day, I took 6 a day for a week. Also drank the hell out of cranberry juice during that time and ate yogurt for breakfast EVERY DAY. The little bitch did not go away!!! Then I read on here about vitamin C inserted in vagina at night, did more research, found that there's actually been studies done on this, real studies! So I tried it. Plain vitamin C that was in my medicine cabinet, 1000 mg coated tablets, with rose hips. I used the plastic suppository insert that comes with yeast infection cream, the pill fit perfectly into the applicator so I got it way up there. Did it at night right before bed. Woke up the next morning to no smell! YES! The only time it burned was when I got up and didn't immediately get in the shower, it's really acidic so this makes sense as the pill was melting all night long. Last night was night 6. The orange colored discharge has increased over time, and there seems to be this clumpy yellow/orange very thick discharge accompanying it. Not sure if it's part of the leftover coating from so many nights using the tablet or my body trying to get rid of the infection. It has no smell, kinda looks like wet toilet paper. I don't care, the smell is gone and that's awesome. I'm sure my vagina will rid itself of this clumpy stuff over the next few days. Hopefully my BV is gone. Unfortunately if it's not I'm going to break down and use the antibiotic cream I have, then go to the store for that damn yeast infection cream. I hope this helps someone, if nothing else, know that you aren't alone in this vaginal game of life, you aren't dirty, and it's NOT an std like so many people think, it just happens sometimes.


I've been doing this for days now and it worked. But now I am EXTREMELY irritated and swollen with yellow discharge its so painful and smell is freaking back. Did this happen to anyone else? I'm going to take a break for a few days and let these symptoms die down so I can continue to fight this.

But I have to know if anyone else experienced this. I've been tested for STD and dont have anything so I am confused.


Hi everyone, I tried the vitamin c and rosehip last night and it's true it do stop the smell and symptoms cause I too have issues with bv it just want go away even with taking antibiotics it will come right back. .but what about the the clumps it leaves behind should it dissolves itself to or do I wash it out and reapply the Vitamin c and rosehip for a second night..


I have to agree that it does burn really badly. I guess some people aren't as lucky as others. I use the Walgreens brand. I insert it before bed, wake up to a burning sensation about an hour later each time. I guess the hour or so of burning is better than bv and it's symptoms. I down a liter of water and sit on the toilet to flush it out. I do it to prevent it when I feel it coming. My vagina gets very irritated, swollen, and sensitive before and odor. I've been trying to google it to see why that is and haven't found anything. It is a sensitive subject but goodness we need answers. Lbs


It will burn ifyou do not insert it all the way up. I usually insert a tampon to guide up to the cervix area - and it prevents leakage and the pill slipping down!


Can i insert the vitamin c while my period is on?


Hello ladies, so I have been suffering for several years,and its depressing. I notice bv flares up after sex and after my cycle. I tried the vitamin C with Rosehips from Walmart, only cost $2!! The odor was gone after two days of using it, the third time I used it it burned .Drinking a lot of water , no caffeine, and cutting back on sweets help as well.


Just inserted a vitamin c with rose hips tonight before bed. It did burn a little at the beginning but it went away after a few min.Hopefully it works because not even a visit to my gyny and taking a 7 day treatment worked. It was only a temporary fix til my next period. Btw,I did use a lite tampon as an applicator to make sure I inserted it really high up into the vagina. Crossing my fingers!

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