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So, it's 3:44 AM. And for the past 3 days I have had excruciating pain. Right top wisdom tooth decided to make its grand entrance 2 years ago. Never had any problem with the tooth. It has chipped and pieces have fallen out. 3 days ago my molar right beside the wisdom tooth decides that its going to give me pure hell. I have no idea if my wisdom tooth is pushing on it. or whats actually going on. I am a poor college student.. yes I have dental insurance but there is no way that I have the money for an extraction.

I tried taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours. I tried orajel... which does nothing for me. I literally found myself rocking in the bed praying to God. In tears. Came on here and read about minced garlic and warm sea salt. I had no cotton balls so I just filled my mouth with the minced garlic and bit down. Not instant relief... but enough relief for me to notice a difference. the warm salt water didn't ease anything. However thanks to all who post on here!! such lifesavers.

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