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I had a case of athletes foot that wouldn't go away, and it got to the point where it was taking over the skin between my toes. I tried bleach, Epsom salt, Lysol, and even gasoline. Finally I got so sick of the hot, dry itch and crusty-toe that I experimented with muratic acid and it worked like a champ. I put about 4-5 ounces to a half gallon of cool water and soaked 2 minutes. Burned like hell in the affected areas, but it cut through the funk and dead skin like magic. It leaves your feet a little raw for a few days where the infection was because for me, it was getting deep. Two, three-minute sets a few days apart killed it all, plus cleared up some callouses, and had my toenails like brand new. Follow up with Desitin Zinc-Oxide cream.

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Because of people that do stupid things like that is why we have warming labels on things.


You're a dumbass.


I totally agree with the above comments and reckon that this post should be deleted before it gets a really useful site into trouble for offering dangerous advice


Hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) is poisonous and releases vapors that can burn the lungs if inhaled, and should not be applied to the body at all, let alone to broken skin. I do not recommend this treatment, unless you've grown bored with the skin on your feet, as this will quickly and effectively remove it.


Yuengling--- it is not poisonous. There's a huge difference between poisonous and corrosiveness. As long as he did not inhale the fumes, or too much of them at least-- He will be fine, and it's way better than dealing with the fungus. It's actually a good idea if it's dilute enough. As a footnote-- if it were poisonous, we'd all be dead because we have it in our stomachs.

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