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Got my first fever blister..I woke up this morning with it and immediately decided to go online to check quick resolutions. So I Decided to go with the what made lots of sence. I used apple cider vinegar off and on 4 to five times all day along with alternating ice packs and hot packs during the day 10 to 15 minutes at a time and when I went to bed I covered the blister up with Desitin (yes the baby diaper rash cream) and covered with a bandaid. The next morning I removed the bandaid and cleaned off the desitin with warm water..poof the blister had dissolved and was ready to heal up. This blister was completely gone n 3 days. Please note the apple cider vinegar stings. Hope this helps..good luck...

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Was there a scab the next morning? Woke up with a blister this morning (Wednesday) and need to have it cleared by Saturday.


If you take L-lysine 500mg 2 times a day you will not get them nearly as much,I use to get them a couple time a month now I might get them once a year, I haven't had one in about 18 months.

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