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Over last 5 years I have been suffering with Blepharitis. I had tried different eye drops my GP has suggested. After different treatments my GP had come to a conclusion & even myself that my condition is not due to any bacterial or viral infection to eyes but it is do with ALLERGIES.

I am an Indian & an UK resident as well. I have observed that during the summer season in UK and also during my holidays in India my eyes are in very bad state swollen, itchy, greasy water running on my eyes blurring the vision and I narrowly missed an accident while driving because of this.

I have done all the ‘routine’ things done to reduce the inflammation like daily eye care of washing with shampoo etc. but nothing worked as there is no particular treatment anywhere for Blepharitis.
I looked for old Indian 'Ayurveda’ guidance for treatment to eye allergies. The first thing I came across is to change diet. To follow it I did the following:
1) Reduce/avoid Alcohol and Caffeine intake
2) Reduce ‘added’ sugar foods (Cakes, pastries, chocolates etc.)
3) Avoid all the dairy products (Milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter etc.)
4) Avoid bananas
5) Increase your daily water intake
6) Eat more vegetables. Especially dark green and leafy vegetables.
7) Include Onions, garlic, ginger in your diet

After following the above diet I should say that my eyes are back to normal as they were 6 years back. It has been three months now and I don’t see any symptoms. I am yet to use Sodium Chromoglicate 2% prescribed by my GP for eye allegies.
Hope this solution works for you guys. I am going for a holiday to India now and need to see how my eyes will behave!

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How's your eyes now. I am suffering from same problem.
I am from india and suffers in summers or if i go to india.
I tied medicines but they are temp solution.

Jiminy Cricket

Thank you for this post. I found it because I noticed after I went a week without dairy my eyes healed really quickly. I usually have a regular diet of mainly just fruits, veggies, and a bit of rice for carbs with my protein anyways but sometimes I do enjoy the regular pizza and cheese burgers but I do my best to limit myself only when going out to eat or trying something new with friends. Is there a reason why you suggest avoiding bananas? Bananas are my favorite and I blend them in my smoothies most of the time.

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